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Boating Follies

Boaters do get into some interesting situations. Sometimes they are brought on by mother nature, sometimes by mechanical failure and often by their own doing. This page is dedicated to those who are entertaining us with their mistakes, misfortunes and interesting vessels. Since in some cases we are poking fun, I'll start by making an  example of myself with this photo of a dinghy that I made from a canoe that I broke while going down a hill as a sled. Bad move, particularly since at the bottom of the hill was a fence and railroad tracks that broke the canoe in half. I did find a use for it though, by building a transom on it. Then came a trolling motor and wa-la, I have a very unstable dinghy for my houseboat. That is my son, Darin, trying it out.

Photo at left is obviously fake but still very funny

I took the photo at right when we landed the  Delta Queen at Wellsburg, West Virginia. It appears that we overparked.

I am not sure what the story is here at left but I suppose this could be called a motorized gangway.

Dolphin boat at right that actually breaches like a dolphin. Yes, this is real!

"Foolish Choices" is an appropriate name for the driver of this boat as he goes way to fast past and anchored boat at left.

Whatever floats can be a boat, as is seen at right. This is one of the craft built for "Junkyard Boats" as they passed Louisville, KY. This is very cool!

Swan boat? A unique design for sure but I would think that low bridges could be a problem, unless it can "duck".

Redneck yacht at right. Notice that he is piloting from the back by looking through the back and front windows of the trailer. I love it!

Be careful where you anchor during high tide. There may be a dike under you like at left.

That mile marker jumped right out in front of me (right)

The wreck at left is not so funny for the boat owners but is an interesting photo. The runabout driver must have been on his cell phone and not paying attention.

The painful image at right is a yacht launching gone wrong when a cable breaks. Notice the red circle. This is a man hanging on for dear life. What a ride!

 This could have ended real bad for the driver at left. I would say that he should be happy about the strength of his trailer hitch.

Notice that the sign at the landing at left says "cheap rates". Wonder why?

The rock houseboat at right is real and being piloted through a lock. Why a boat that looks like a rock? I don't know!


The photo above is real, except that it was embellished a little with the addition of the cat.


I have discovered an excellent source of entertainment and when I can no longer go out on my boat I will spend a lot of time there. This is at a public boat launching ramp. Try it sometime. Take a comfortable chair, soft drinks and lunch. The entertainment comes in the watching people who can't back their boats well and when other boaters waiting for a slot at the ramp get impatient with those inconsiderate boaters who wait to load their boat with supplies after backing down the ramp. I have also witnessed a man who found out that trucks don't float when he backed too far into the river. The real fun comes later in the day when boaters are trying to put their boat back onto the trailers. Be prepared for cussing and seeing men yell at their wives (they will be in trouble later). Many people simply back their trailers too far into the water, then the boat cannot track onto the rails, but don't tell them that. First they will get upset about being given advice, and if they follow the advice, the show will be over sooner. Anyone who has something to contribute to this fun page is invited to email me. Oh, one more fun thing. Check out the boating bloopers video below. Very funny!