Embrace America's Rivers

The beautiful American Queen Steamboat

As Riverlorian on the American Queen Steamboat, I have a great job. Not only do I get to educate people about our rivers, I spend weeks at a time on this beautiful vessel. These are some photos of  the American Queen.....My workspace!

The American Queen is the largest steamboat in the world and is where I work, traveling on the inland rivers

This is the Texas Deck bow where passengers can enjoy the river in the shade

Swimming pool on Sun Deck

The Chart Room. This is my headquarters on the boat. I couldn't ask for a nicer office.

The Grand Staircase. I go up and down these many times each day.

The beautifully decorated Mark Twain Gallery is a great gathering place on the boat.

The Ladies' Parlor is comfortable and has great natural lighting for reading (men can go there too).

Gentlemen's Card Room (ladies are allowed too)

Main Deck Lounge leads to the Dining Room

The elegant J.M. White Dining Room

The Front Porch of America is a popular place for snacks, drinks and of course Ice Cream.

The Engine Room Bar is one of three watering holes on the American Queen

The Exercise Room is a place I need to visit more often, given the excellent food on the American Queen

The Grand Saloon is used for evening shows, activities and where I do my daily Riverlorian Chat.