Embrace America's Rivers

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Mam, we said dockside parking, not boatside parking

Dolphin boat/submarine. This is a real boat

A very strong trailer hitch created this cliffhanger

I would expect some really low rates to rent these boats

Of course, it's fake but still very funny

Tip: Watch were you anchor when the tide is going out

Another tip: Always tie the boat down to trailer for sudden stops

You must look closely to see the humor in this

Most dogs love boating and wind (unless you blow in their face)

This pickup truck owner doesn't worry about traveling flooded roads

That houseboat jumped right out in front of me

What do you do with half of a canoe? Make it into a dinghy

If he can't keep it upright on land, what is he going to do on water?

Should not have brought those darn woodpeckers

This is a real excursion boat located in Japan

This is a real houseboat make to look like rock

Flooded roads will be not problem for this driver

I dunno. Do you think there is enough horsepower. I count 2000hp

This dog has a rescue dog collar, so maybe he is on the job

These folks made good use of plastic bottles

Steamboat Delta Queen appears to be overparked

This boat launching did not go as planned

Yes, the cat was added, but it did make the photo more entertaining

It may look funny, but they have everything they need for a river trip

Interesting camper/boat with driver looking through windows to steer

This isn't funny for the boat owner, but how could he or she not see that?

Tip #3: Wait until the boat is in the water before unhooking bow line

Boat launching ramps are always a source of entertainment

Yes, there is a motor on back. This would be for calm waters only

Creative design of the home-made jet ski