Embrace America's Rivers

Interesting boats. Click title or photo for larger view

This is a special equipped boat to run the entire length of the Wabash River in. It required being pulled out to refuel and check for leaks from hitting rocks. The small sign on the side says, "OHIO RIVER OR BUST".
Boat seen in Venice, Louisiana appears to be a helicopter. This would be great for staying out of the weather, however getting out of the vessel if capsized could be a little difficult, of course no one intends to capsize.
The owner of this little houseboat in West Point, Kentucky along the Ohio has taken up residence, compete with electricity and TV. He would not have much to worry about during high water, since his house floats.
This is something one doesn't see every day. It is not exactly a boat, but it is floating and moving on it's own power. The tracks are turning for steerage and the shovel is being used to push it forward. Seen on the Intracoastal waterway
Overparked? At least that is the way it appears on this day when the Delta Queen Steamboat was landed at Wellsburg, West Virginia.
The largest steamboat in the world. This was taken from as the American Queen pulled away from the port of Natchez, Mississippi.
This abandoned towboat was left for many years along the Ohio River at Henderson, Kentucky, but was eventually removed and scrapped. Some locals miss it
The Belle is racing the Delta Queen in this photo taken at Louisville, Kentucky during Kentucky Derby week. The Delta Queen won the race.
The owner of this boat was really in the Christmas spirit. One might think that his navigational lights would be hard to read at night by other boaters 
The Delta Queen does attract attention, as here in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Everybody loves the Delta Queen and hopes to see her back on the rivers.
This dinghy for Jerry Hay's houseboat is the result of building a transom on a broken half of a canoe. This is Jerry's son Darin taking it for a spin.
This boat has powerful pumps that can reach tall buildings. It is located along the Chicago River where there is plenty of water.
This is a great riverboat. It runs in shallow waters and has a huge deck. In fact, it is big enough to pitch a tent on for the night. Less mosquitos this way
This was a beautiful little steamboat on the upper Mississippi River, and one of only a few real  steamboats on the rivers.
Jerry's paddlewheel boat is having problems with the chain drive. Click full image to see how two friends are trying to keep the chain tight with leverage.
This is a replica of the keelboat used in the Lewis & Clark Expedition, landed at Clarksville, Indiana during the bicentennial celebrations
It was a sad sight seeing this once fine paddlewheeler grounded and rusting away near Natchez, Mississippi. It has since burned.
Taken from the former Mississippi Queen near her calliope at sunrise. The MQ calliope had 2 mermaids looking over the stern of the boat.
This is a custom built and very rugged riverboat owned by Dennis Meng of Terre Haute. It is a great boat for running the Wabash River.
This isn't a riverboat but it did sink on the lower Mississippi River.  It was on its way to a new home from Florida but didn't quite make it.
This is an interesting view of the towboat taken from the lead barge toward the pilothouse nearly 1000 feet away. This is the Ron Shankin towboat on the Ohio River. Author Jerry Hay was onboard writing an article about towboats.
The bow of the Delta Queen is full of enthusiastic passengers, while the Mississippi Queen pulls ahead on this race from New Orleans to St. Louis. 
This is the giant paddlewheel on the Mississippi Queen. The wheel is offset in the middle to reduce vibration. It has five huge rudders for steering
Another view of the Mississippi Queen paddlewheel during less than ideal conditions. This was taken on the Tennessee River in November.

Not exactly a car and not exactly a boat. The owner removed the wheels, built a metal hull and mounted an outboard motor in the truck. It isn't all that stable but does get attention.

Percy Mossbarger, Jerry Hay and Dennis Meng are taking a long trip in a special outfitted bass boat with a jet drive to run in shallow waters. Ran all 500 miles of the Wabash River.
This towboat was placed in this location during high water. It is to become a unique Bed & Breakfast, just north of Praire du Shien, Wisconson, along the upper Mississippi River.
This rig may not look unusual here. Just a camper with upper deck? Click the image to see the rest of the story. Very clever but probably unstable. 
Junkyard Wars on the Ohio River (click photo)
You never know what to expect on the river. The following photos are an event on the river that calls for creative building. Taken near Louisville, Kentucky as they approach the McAlpine Lock. I'll bet the lockmaster loves to lock this bunch through. Great fun!