Embrace America's Rivers

Entertaining stories by Riverlorian, Jerry Hay

River stories on CD.....

Enjoy Jerry Hay's favorite River Stories. Actually they are the favorite stories of those who have attended his talks on the steamboats, and know his knack for storytelling. Many people have requested this CD and now the first one is available. It has 80 minutes of river stories that will make you and your friends laugh, and some will warm your heart.

"Life on the River" includes several adventures of Gilligan, the famous goose who is now in a children's book. There are humorous stories about experiences on the steamboats, including "The Easter Sunday Butterfly Disaster". The story "Best Laid Plans Gone Wrong" is very funny. Some of the stories take place on the rivers of Indiana, where many of his adventures took place. There are many stories to be told about life on the river and Jerry tells them in his conversational style. Thousands of people have heard these stories while attending Hay's river talks. Now they can be heard in the comfort of your home or car.

80 minutes of professionally produced stereo sound track
Intro with great river music
Personal, historical and steamboating stories
Photos relating to the stories
Quality book-style case for safe-keeping
Safely shipped in durable carton
$16.95 (Free Shipping)



Quote from issue of Cruise Travel Magazine:

Jerry Hay demonstrates an unabashed passion for his subject that goes well beyond any prepared script. His love of rivers and riverboating runs deep, having explored America's rivers by raft, canoe, and powerboat. Now on the Delta Queen he shares his love of the river on voyages of American rediscovery.


Henry Nowicki,  Travel writer
"Our lecturer, Jerry Hay, who is also known as a "riverlorian" has a daily talk about steamboating and the sights along the river. These get-togethers are not to be missed as they provide interesting aspects of the river cruise."

Jerry Hay, our Riverlorian on this cruise, is a real story teller and you will learn lots about steamboating and the rivers."


Quote from Amazon Books review:

"I had the pleasure of riding on the Delta Queen Steamboat last year where the author, Mr. Hay is a Riverlorian. He told the story about Gilligan Goose. I have not read the book yet but the heartwarming story was wonderful. Jerry Hay is a great storyteller so I'm sure the book will be great, as well. The incredible thing about the story is that Gilligan is a real goose and the story he told is true. I am ordering copies for myself and each of my grandchildren."

Pittsburg Tribune-Review
"Jerry M. Hay, the steamboat company's "Riverlorian," and a river pilot in his own right, is into steamboatin' all the way, and has converted an old houseboat into the Wabash Queen -- his own steamboat. Each morning, Hay holds informal talks about steamboat history, shares river lore with passengers, and cites the source of many common expressions we use today, which had their origin in steamboatin'. Hay is an author as well, having written a delightful children's book titled "A Goose Named Gilligan" -- a story about the goose he managed to free from the mud, with great difficulty, in his native Indiana. The goose returns for visits with him every year. Soon to be released in his newest book, "Beyond The Bridges," which chronicles his travels on the rivers. It takes the reader through all aspects of river life.
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