Embrace America's Rivers

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Baby Moose
This young moose is in a pond that is the source of the Yellowstone River.

Beaver Cutting
It is incredible how a beaver or beavers can take down such a huge tree. This is along Raccoon Creek in Indiana.


Deer Crossing

Something we are used to on the roads but deer very often cross rivers too. This one was on the Wabash River in Indiana.

Two ducks in perfect synchronization. They apparently have some sort of system going here for feeding, but it looks pretty comical.
Cute Couple
These ducks are living the good life on the Wabash River.

Eagle Sent Back to Freedom
After treatment for an injury, this eagle is being released from rehab at the National Eagle Center on the upper Mississippi River at Wabasha, Minnesota.
Goose on House Call
Gilligan Goose comes in for a visit but isn't allowed to stay long. That is mainly because he S__ts like a goose!

Gilligan's Family
The blond is his wife and the four kids took after Gilligan. They out-grew mom the first year.

  Red Tailed Hawk
This hawk was hiding along the Wabash River, but not very well.

Great Blue Heron Nests
Great Blue Heron spend their days alone but live in huge colonies in the tree tops called a rookery.

River Critters?
Sure! These are River Rats. All getting ready for a journey. Jerry Hay is on the right (the only one with long pants for some reason).
River Snake
An unfriendly visitor, but they are important in the balance of nature and should not be harmed.
It is actually a very shallow sandbar. The dog, Babe, was a city dog but quickly came to love the river on a trip with Jerry Hay.
Soaring Eagle in Indiana
This was taken as a curious eagle flew over the boat on the Wabash River. They are magnificent creatures.

Eagle Nest
This eagle is about to make a landing at it's nest. The eagle nests are huge and made of large twigs.

Eagle Chasing Cormorant
These six photos were taken of an eagle trying to capture a cormorant. The cormorant kept diving to hide.

Albino Alligator
This unusual albino alligator is at an an aquarium in New Orleans. He appears to be
smiling for the camera but I  would not try to make friends.

Geese of a Feather.....
These geese made a stop on the Wabash River. Notice one goose that is flapping his wings. He is a visitor to the flock and making his presence known. That is our friend Gilligan Goose.
River Pelican
Most people think of pelicans as being along sea shores, but there are many pelicans all along the Mississippi River.

River Swans
These huge birds stop on their migration path on the Wabash River. Notice the yellow tags, which are placed on them to track their migration habits and keep track of their numbers.
A Hermit Crab?
How can this be a river critter? Well, he is and his name is Scooter. He has traveled thousands of miles of rivers. His story is included in one of the chapters of Beyond the Bridges. See the Beyond the Bridges page on this site.
Asian Carp
This rascal jumped into the boat. They are rapidly growing in the Midwest rivers and causing problems for other fish with their appetite. Too many fish and too little food.
Channel Catfish
The critter here is the smaller one in case there is confusion. Jerry Hay catches a nice channel cat on the Wabash River

Not usually associated with rivers but this one is hunting for king salmon on a tributary to the Kenai River in Alaska.

River Dog
Winston, the Jack Russell Terrier loves a refreshing swim in the Ohio River

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