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Cataract Falls in Indiana
There is actually an upper and lower falls on Mill Creek along with some rapids. It is a beautiful area.

Eternal River View on the Ohio River
A fitting title for this photo of a small cemetery overlooking the Ohio River near Brandenburg, Kentucky. A Towboat is making its way upriver.
These rapids are in the gorge below Niagara Falls. Jet boat trips are available and are a thrilling ride on this swift water, along with scenes of natural beauty.

Yellowstone River
The river begins at Yellowstone National Park and takes on many characteristics as it makes its way to the Missouri River confluence. Much of it still looks the way it did during the Lewis & Clark expedition of 1803-1806.
Cape Hatteras
Even though the cape is a coastal location it is part of intracoastal waterway. Photo by Jerry Hay as he travels the waterway along the east coast. The calm water created a nearly perfect mirror of the sky.

Memphis, Tennessee Bridge
This picture of the bridge crossing from Arkansas to Tennessee at Memphis was chosen for the cover of the book Beyond the Bridges. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Merom, Indiana on the Wabash

Beautiful view of the Wabash River from Merom Bluff.

Morning Fog on the Mississippi River
The fog makes and eerie but beautiful scene one morning on the upper Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wisconsin

Ohio River Sunrise
Taken from a cabin one morning by Jerry Hay on a bluff near Golconda, Illinois. This photo was chosen for the cover of the Ohio River Guidebook.


Sky on fire along the Mississippi River
Actually the sky was not on fire but that is the way it appeared. It is the glow from an oil refinery, lighting up the clouds. This was on the lower Mississippi River near New Orleans.
  The Beautiful Wabash River
The view from Jerry Hay's cabin one morning on the Wabash River. Notice that Gilligan Goose is in the foreground, apparently on guard duty.
The Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers join near Lafayette, Indiana. The Wabash is in the foreground. The point of land coming into view from the right is the end of the Tippecanoe River.

Tennessee River
Sunset photo taken from the Mississippi Queen while it and other boats are waiting to go into a lock near Guntersville, Alabama.

Mississippi River Tributary
A small stream is flowing into the upper Mississippi River near St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Yellowstone River Falls
Amazing falls near the headwaters of the Yellowstone River at Yellowstone National Park.

Wabash River Reflections
Photo take along the Wabash River just north of Terre Haute, Indiana

Wabash River Awakening
Near Tecumseh, Indiana as the fog is moving away on the Wabash River. Notice the great blue heron at the point of the sandbar.

Colorado Waterfalls
This makes an interesting view of the water falls on a mountain stream in Colorado. It was taken by Jerry Hay from behind the falls looking out.

Suwanee River in Florida

"Way down upon the Suwanee River"

Vincennes, Indiana
Vincennes has a beautiful and historic riverfront along the Wabash River.

Winter Wonderland on the Wabash

Blue water and ice makes for beautiful scenery along the Wabash River. The river tends to run clearer during winter months, due to less algae in the water.
White River
Sunrise on the West Fork of the White River at Spencer, Indiana. This photo was chosen to use on the cover on the White River Guide Book.

Fall Foliage on the Ohio River

Amazing colors on display along the Indiana shore of the Ohio River. Taken from the bow of the Mississippi Queen.

River Island

Nice stop-over on Staff Island during canoe trip on the Wabash River a few mile north of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Cumberland River at Clarksville, Tennessee
Located on the Cumberland River, Clarksville has several miles of beautiful riverfront.

Steamboat's a Comin'
You have to look close to see it but the Mississippi Queen is comining around the bend on the lower Mississippi River Near Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
This waterway connects the Tennessee River with the Gulf of Mexico. This was taken by Jerry Hay from the bow of the Delta Queen Steamboat.

Gualala River in California

This is the mouth of the river where it flows into the Pacific Ocean. A long sandbar extends from the shore.

Mud Island
Located at Memphis, this island has a great river museum and other attractions. In the background is what locals call the "Dolly Parton" bridge.

California's Russian River
This beautiful river ends at the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco. The sandbar is the dividing line between the river and the ocean.

Wabash River at Vincennes, Indiana

The historic Vincennes, Indiana bridge over the Wabash River as seen from a boat. Vincennes has a beautiful riverfront.

Five Finger Rapids on Yukon River
Located on the Yukon River above Dawson City in the Yukon Territory in Canada. This was once a serious hazard for steamboats and still is for powerboats.

Yukon Territory Camping
Jerry Hay finds a beautiful camp in the Yukon Territory. It is paradise! (except for the mosquitoes)

Yukon River Ferry
This scene of the Yukon River on a stormy evening shows the Dawson City Car Ferry crossing the river as we travel upriver.

Twin Islands
Mile 38 on the Illinois River. This photo was chosen for the cover of the Illinois Waterway Guidebook

Tennessee River Gorge
This photo take at mile 454 was chosen for the cover of the Tennessee River Guidebook
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