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 River Rat
River Rat designs are usually ornery looking characters and some actually look like rats. This is a lovable River Rat with just a little attitude. Here he is on a dock by the river, probably longing for another river trip. To order Tee shirts and other products of this design, click on the design.

Discover The Wabash

Indiana's official state river and Indiana's best kept secret. This design invites others to get to know and love this great river as many of us have. Design features a map of the river along with many river towns. There are icons that are indicative of the areas along the river.


White River
Indiana's White River is actually two significant rivers that includes the West and East Forks. These are shown on this design along with some of the river communities and most important a message to those who enjoy this great river, "Leave No Trace That You Were There".

Ohio River
Anyone who has explored the Ohio river knows the beauty of the river and the charming communities along the banks. This design features those two aspects with a photo taken by Riverlorian, Jerry Hay near Golconda, Illinois.

Gilligan Goose
Gilligan is a real goose and well known from the children's book published with the true story of his rescue by Riverlorian, Jerry Hay. For information about his story and the book, go to Gilligan Goose. His adventures on the Wabash River near Terre Haute, Indiana are also published in a chapter of Beyond the Bridges. Now for the first time, garments and other items are available featuring the lovable goose.

Illinois Waterway

This Illinois Waterway is indeed a waterway to the rest of the world. It connects the Great Lakes and Eastern Seaboard with the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful river system that many people live along, fish, and boat. The state of Illinois has done a great deal to make the river accessible and pleasurable. Those of us who enjoy and love this waterway proudly wear garments that spreads the message about this great natural resource.
 Indiana Waterways
The waterways of Indiana define the state as is shown of the front of this design. A large map shows many of the rivers, streams and lakes in the state. Indiana is a "state of rivers" as this design shows, particularly when one looks at the back of printed garments. It is a list of 129 waterways in Indiana. Anyone wearing a garment with this design will have others trying to match names on the back with the rivers shown on the front.
                                                FRONT                                                                                        BACK

Tennessee River
The Tennessee River is one of the most scenic waterways in the country and a popular place for boaters. It is navigable in its entire length and has outstanding scenery from the headwaters to its mouth at the Ohio River. The huge lakes on the Tennessee River account for it being part of what is called the "Great Lakes of the South"

Cumberland River
Few rivers have the diversity in features as the Cumberland River. There are many miles of navigable waters along with sections with rapids and falls. The shoreline has mountains, farm fields and great river communities. Mostly the Cumberland is a nature-lovers paradise and well worth exploring.